Slip and Fall Season Is Almost Here

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slip and fall seasonThe crisp fall air and colorful leaves found on the trees across the Garden State means only one thing. Winter is on its way, and it’s likely going to pack a punch. Now that we broke the unfortunate but inevitable news, it’s time to start thinking about the dangers that come with snow and ice – slip and fall accidents and the injuries that are bound to happen.

Slip and Falls Accidents in New Jersey

During the winter, weather conditions can be horrendous. Whether it’s snow, ice, or a combination of both, these conditions can cause a slip and fall accident to occur. These types of incidents may not seem like a big deal as you have probably slipped on a slick walkway a time or two yourself, but you were probably one of the lucky ones. People who slip and fall during the winter can suffer from injuries related to the outside conditions. In some cases, those injuries can be severe or even life-threatening.

Slip and fall accidents can be considered a legal matter in New Jersey when a property owner who is responsible for keeping their premises safe and well-maintained fails to uphold that responsibility. If someone is injured because their property is unsafe, the property owner may be found liable.

Property owners need to know or should reasonably know about hazards on their premises due to winter weather. If you are the victim of an injury caused by a person failing to rectify the hazards on their property, you will need to prove that the property owner was negligent in his or her actions. You will also need to prove that conditions on their property directly correlated to your injury.

Decreasing Winter Slip and Fall Risk

Injuries from slip and fall accidents are always going to happen during the winter, but there may be ways to lessen the risk of accidents happening. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind before that first snowflake falls this season:

  • Stay up-to-date on the weather forecast
  • Consider where you have to walk when the weather is less than ideal
  • Be cautious when you are walking
  • Wear proper footwear

By keeping these tips in mind, you may able to prevent yourself from injury this winter, even when the hazardous conditions should have been taken care of by a property owner.

Injuries Resulting from Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling during winter weather, like snow and ice, can be a scary experience. In most cases, you didn’t know it was coming. Not forgetting to mention, these incidents can end up putting you in the hospital.

There are a variety of potential injuries that can occur from falls on snow and ice. If you slip and fall, you may be lucky and only get a small bump or bruise. However, it could be much worse. You might sustain a concussion or brain injury from hitting your head off the cold, hard ground. You may also break a bone from bracing yourself from the fall. Hitting the ground may even result in injuries to your spinal cord.

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