Slip and Fall Accidents are a Danger to Seniors

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slip and fall elderly law offices of anthony carboneWhen we think of slip and fall accidents, we think of wintertime months or when the weather is especially bad outside. Slippery sidewalks or icy steps create the perfect conditions for an injury. But just because it’s hot and sunny outside doesn’t mean that slip and falls don’t occur in the summertime. In fact, if you’re an older adult, the risk is far greater.

Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, slip and falls are the number one cause of injuries and death for injury among older Americans. In 2014, older adults had experienced 29 million falls, causing 7 million injuries and costing an estimated $31 billion in annual Medicare costs. These numbers are not dropping anytime soon; in fact, the CDC predicts that with more than 10,000 older Americans turning 65 each day, the number of fall-related injuries and deaths will surge in the next few years.

And the older you get, the risk of falling increases. According to the National Council on Aging, at least one-fourth of all Americans over the age of 65 falls each year. In fact, more than half of all older adults over the age of 80 falls annually.

What Causes the Falls?

Yes, we can always point to snow and ice for slip and fall causes. But what about the summer months? Many of the dangers come from just walking around your home. According to the website GoodCall, one of the most dangerous places to have a slip and fall accident is in your own bathroom. The wet floors and slippery surfaces and make an elderly person more likely to slip, fall, and injuring themselves.

But that’s not the only hidden danger in your home. For example, a cord from the television is an instant hazard. So are loose carpets, rickety stairs, and even your faithful pet companion can cause you to fall.

Tips for Staying Safe

So how can an older adult protect themselves in his/her own home? GoodCall offers a few safety tips to follow:

  • Improve the lighting in every room of your home. The better the lighting, the easier it is to see any dangers in your home.
  • In the kitchen, rearrange your pantries or cabinets so your most-used items are easier to reach.
  • Make sure you have handrails for your stairways. Also, consider installing in your bathroom.
  • Keep the stairs free of debris.
  • Remove any unnecessary or unwanted furniture, especially if they pose a threat.

But what if you have an accident while at a commercial property? What can you do? If you slip and fall at your local store or in your apartment complex because of the owner’s negligence then you have a legal case on your hands. Contact Jersey City slip and fall attorney Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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