Slip and Fall Accidents Are More Dangerous Than You Think

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elderly slip and falls anthony carboneOne of the music legends that died in 2016 was Leonard Cohen. Known for his deep baritone voice, his most popular song was “Hallelujah” which was covered by the late Jeff Buckley. Reports stated that Cohen, who was 82, had died in his sleep after falling. Unfortunately, Cohen’s death shows just how dangerous a fall can be.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four elderly people unintentionally fall each year which can lead to serious problems. Each year, 2.8 million seniors are treated in emergency rooms after falling. More than 800,000 people are hospitalized after a fall because of a head injury or a hip fracture. Falls are the leading cause of accidental death in the elderly and for the past decade, incidents of falls have steadily increased.

Many of us think that after a slip and fall accident the only thing that’s bruised is your ego and maybe your tailbone. But when you’re over the age of 65, the story may be different. For example, let’s say your elderly mother is going to the store to buy some groceries. The mat at the front of the store is saturated because of a recent rainstorm and makes your mother’s shoes wet. As she steps on the linoleum floor, she slips and falls, hitting her head against the floor. When you get to the hospital to see her, she seems perfectly fine to you but the doctors want to keep her overnight as a precaution. You kiss her on the cheek and go home. The next morning, you learn that she died overnight because of the head injury.

Obviously in a situation like this, your first reaction is grief then find someone who is responsible for the accident. And yes, the store can be held liable for your mother’s accident. You may also have a wrongful death lawsuit on your hands. However, it’s best to speak with an experienced slip and fall attorney to discuss your options.

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