Smoke alarms can save your life

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smoke-alarms-can-save-your-lifeMark your calendars.  This Sunday at 2 am it’s time to set your clock back.  Fire safety officials urge you to use the change in time as a reminder to swap out the batteries in your smoke detectors.  The time change will give you another hour of sleep.  The smoke alarm check may save your life.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, properly placed and operating smoke alarms substantially reduce the risk of losing a life to fire.  The decrease is as high as 50 percent.  Sadly, NFPA also approximates that about two thirds of fatalities in homes had one commonality: They had no working smoke alarms.  Of course, this also includes residents who did not bother to install the detectors at all.

Are you uncertain where to place the smoke alarms?  Here are some key tips concerning installation:

  • Place a detector on each floor, including the basement
  • Make sure every bedroom is equipped with its own smoke detector
  • Install an alarm in the hallways near the bedrooms as well
  • Try to equip your home with smoke detectors that have 10-year lives and replace them as appropriate. Otherwise, note the manufacturer’s information concerning the life of the alarm.
  • Test your alarm once a month to ensure it is operational
  • For maximum safety, install combination smoke detector/carbon monoxide detectors

According to New Jersey government statistics, 83% of New Jersey’s 2013 fires occurred in residential dwellings.  We have already discussed the sources of many home fires here.  Not surprisingly, careless smoking is an extremely prevalent cause of residential fires.

New Jersey is very aware that sometimes residents do not have smoke alarms because they simply cannot afford them.  In the summer, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs issued a press release regarding the distribution of smoke alarms to needy Hudson County residents.

If you are injured or lose a loved one in a fire, it is important to seek legal counsel.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have handled these types of cases for a number of years.  Please contact us for an immediate and complimentary consultation.


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