Staying Cool on a Hot Summer Day

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hot weather safety tips anthony carboneIt seems that summer has finally come with a vengeance. With the heat index making it feel like it’s over 100 degrees for the next few days, the best place to be is in an air conditioned room. However, not many of us have that luxury and this type of heat can be a killer.

Severe hot weather can cause your body to heat up quickly, causing you  to lose too much fluid or salt through dehydration or sweating. When your body becomes dehydrated, your temperature rises and heat-related illness such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion may develop. This can cause your body to shut down, causing organ failure or even death.

To protect yourself and loved ones, keep these hot weather safety tips in mind:

  • Drink lots of water to keep your body cool and to replenish any lost hydration.
  • Try not to participate in any strenuous activities such as  exercising until the coolest part of the day.
  • Wear light clothing to keep cool.
  • Check on any elderly or ill people to make sure they are keep cooling.
  • Don’t leaving any people or pets in a parked car.
  • If you experience any signs of illness, such as cramps, dizziness, or headaches, move to a cooler location, slowly drink a cold beverage, and rest until you feel better

Stay safe out there!

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