The steps you need to take after a car accident

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Getting into a car accident is a scary experience. One minute, you’re driving down to work, minding your business and the next, you’re sitting in your crumpled car in a daze. What just happened? Are you ok? Is the person who just hit you all right? What do I do now?

At a time like that, it’s hard to think of what’s the right actions to do. And Jersey City personal injury lawyer Anthony Carbone definitely wants you to do the right thing. So here are five simple steps you should take after an accident:

  1. First, stay calm. Take a deep breath. You can get through this.
  2. Make sure you’re ok, any passengers in your vehicle are ok, and the other driver and his passengers are not injured.
  3. Call the police straight away and report the accident. Especially if someone is injured.
  4. Make sure you exchange insurance information. This is key. Even if the accident is a simple fender bender, you still should get a report on record in case something happens down the line.
  5. And don’t forget to call your insurance company. We understand that you’re concerned your rates will go up because of a car accident on your record. But the quicker the insurance company knows about the accident, the faster it will be to get your claim processed. Plus, the car accident will still be fresh in your mind in case down the road you have to go to court.

The most important thing to do after any type of accident is to keep a level head and stay calm. The more upset you get, the more likely the situation will get worse and worse.

Have you been in a car accident and need a lawyer? Then contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC today for a free consultation. For more information on injuries that can happen after a car accident, click here.

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