Steps to take for filing a slip and fall claim

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While shopping at a grocery store, you slip and fall on a puddle of water made by one of the refrigeration units. You hurt your ankle and your knee. The store provided some basic first aid and since it didn’t seem like a serious accident, you went home. However, after a few hours, your ankle began hurting more and more, to the point where you take a trip to the emergency room. You learn the injury was more serious than first suspected. You call the grocery store so it was aware of the situation and you learn that the store knew about the leaking unit and had been attempting to fix the problem. What do you do next?

You immediately call The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC. As we have mentioned many times before, the business had the responsibility to keep the area safe for its customers. Since they had known about the dangerous issue yet failed to do anything about it, you definitely have a case against them. Even though the store says it was trying to fix the problem, it still could have prevented the accident by placing signs and trying to keep the puddle from spreading.

So now that you know, what happens after you contact us? We need to establish that the store was negligent and you were injured as a result of its negligence. The first thing we will do is gather as much evidence as we can. We will get photos of the accident as well as photos of your injury, try to find witnesses of the accident, and discuss your medical injury. Then we will fight to get the money that you deserve.

Have you been in a slip and fall accident? Give Jersey City slip and fall injury lawyer Anthony Carbone a call today. Remember that the first consultation is always free.

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