Question for Attorney Carbone: I Was Injured While Playing a Football Game. Can I Sue?

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sports injury law offices of anthony carboneQuestion: My friends and I like to play flag football on the weekends. Before a recent game, I had gotten into an argument with a friend who was playing on the opposite team. He had warned me to “watch myself” before the game began. During the game, I had a caught the ball and was running to the goal line when this friend tackled me. Not only was this an illegal move since we were playing flag football, but the tackle caused me to break a few ribs and caused my head to bounce on the ground. I had a concussion which caused me to miss work for a few days. Can I sue this friend?

Answer: Sports are a great way to keep fit. But sometimes, all that adrenaline and aggression can lead to an injury.

When your sports injury is caused by another player, it can be extremely difficult to prove that your injury was done intentionally. Like with any personal injury claim, you will need to prove that the player was negligent or wanted to harm you during the game.

First important to know who can you sue after a sports injury? If it’s a case of an organized league, such as a youth sports team, there could be a variety of people held responsible:

  • A coach or instructor who encouraged this behavior
  • If it’s a school activity, the school and school district may be held accountable for allowing accessive force
  • If it’s a league, you may be able to sue the organization, especially if there are no repercussions  following the incident

Since it seems that this was a game between friends, you probably can only bring a suit against the player himself.

In the case described above, it may seem cut and dry: You and your friend were in an argument where he threatened you before the game began. Your friend tackled you during the game, which clearly was against the rules. His actions caused your injuries. However, this may not be so simple to bring to a court of law. You will need some evidence, such as witness accounts of the argument as well as any medical records.

What’s key to your case here is the threat prior to the game. Not only can this be used against your friend in a civil suit, but it can also be used in criminal matters if you choose to file charges. However, you may not have a friendship if you choose to go this course.

It’s important to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney after experiencing a sports injury to see what your legal options are. If you were injured while playing sports and believe the sports injury was caused by negligence, you need to know your legal options. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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