Summertime Safety Tips, Part 2: Be Sure to Practice Pool Safety

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chlorine exposure safety tips anthony carboneThere’s nothing like relaxing by the pool on a hot, summertime day. Enjoying the sunshine, reading a good book, and when you get sweaty, all you have to do is go for a dip. But watch out, there’s some dangers lurking at poolside.

One of the top dangers in any swimming pool is too much exposure to chlorine gas. Although chlorine is known to be powerful way to sanitize pool water, too much exposure to the chemical can cause serious health issues such as respiratory defects, infections in the eye and skin, gastrointestinal issue, and even neurological problems. According to a recent study, swimmers who spent time in and around in a pool had detectable levels of haloacetic acids — a chlorine product that can cause birth defects and cancer — 20 to 30 minutes after exposure. It took three hours for the chemical to leave the body.

And if you think you’re safe from chlorine exposure by not going into the pool, you’re wrong. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when chlorine binds to body waste swimmers bring into the pool, such as sweat, it can create a chemical called chloramines. These chemicals not only build up in the water, but can build up in the air if there’s not enough fresh air. And breathing in these chloramines can cause serious health defects.

Scared about going to the pool now? Well, if the pool is properly maintained, then you should have nothing to worry about. Here’s what you should do to minimize the risk of chlorine exposure:

  • Protect your eyes. If you’re going diving, try to wear a mask.
  • Avoid swallowing the water. This is how many get exposed to chlorine.
  • After you’re done swimming for the day, take a quick shower to wash the chlorine off your skin and swimsuit.
  • You may want to get some fresh air after a swim to get the chlorine gas.

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