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motorcycle accidents law offices of anthony carboneOf course, no one plans to get in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, it could happen the first time you decide to hop on the back of a friend’s bike and take off in the glorious weather.  Certainly, you’re not thinking about the prospect that you could be thrown from the motorcycle.

Assuredly, you’ve taken standard safety precautions.  You’re wearing a helmet and proper footwear.  Perhaps you’ve even decided to put on protective eyewear.  After all, you don’t want to run the risk of dirt kicking up into your eyes.  You figure you’ve covered your bases from your perspective.

That’s not all.  Presumably, you’re familiar with your friend’s riding record.  Since he’s a seasoned biker with no accidents, you feel secure. Of course, things can change.  And, they do.  Someone makes a left in front of the motorcycle.  You and your friend are thrown off.

Sadly, the motorcycle operator dies in the crash.  As you lie on the pavement, you feel somewhat lifeless yourself.   However, you can be saved.  Notwithstanding, you are looking at months and maybe years of rehabilitation.

Here’s the mind-blowing thing.  You might be under the impression that the person who caused the accident will be responsible for your medical bills.  The truth is that their insurance will not take care of even one invoice from the hospital.  That’s not how no-fault insurance works in New Jersey.  What now?

Motorcycle Accidents and Medical Bills

What about your friend’s coverage?  Since you were a passenger on their bike, will his insurance take care of you?  Maybe, if he was more than of a relative.  However, that could be a stretch.

In New Jersey, motorcycle operators are required to cover liability insurance.  This includes their negligence in the case of an accident.  For example, if your friend were in any way responsible for the crash, a claim would be made against him.  His liability insurance carrier will evaluate the incident to see if you have a cause of action.

This still doesn’t account for your medical bills.  Your friend may have paid the extra money and taken out Personal Injury Protection coverage.  This only applies to the biker and relatives who reside in his household. Your treatment or reimbursement for lost wages won’t come from that policy.  However, you could receive benefits as follows:

  • Under a portion of your personal automobile policy known as “Extended Medical Benefits,” you could receive payments. Unfortunately, the benefits under this part of a plan only range from $1,000 to $10,000.  This portion of coverage is referred to as “Med Pay.”
  • If you live with a relative who has automobile insurance, you may be entitled to Med Pay benefits under their policy.
  • Your personal health insurance may afford payments.
  • If the motorcycle accident is deemed work-related, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

In all cases, it makes sense to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney regarding your claim.  The lawyer can help you process your medical bills and assist in filing a lawsuit against the culpable parties.

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