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motorcycle-insuranceLike everywhere else, Jersey City motorcyclists can barely wait to fill their tanks and hop on their bikes.  After all, there is nothing better than feeling the wind behind you as you sail to your destination.  Not to mention, fuel is considerably less expensive and so is motorcycle insurance.  Is there a price to pay for the reduced costs?

Such roadways as Central Avenue and Route 440 are traditionally littered with traffic.  It is not uncommon to see some bikers weave in and out to avoid sitting in line.  Unfortunately, it is also not unusual to find inattentive drivers in other motor vehicles.  We read all too often of cars hitting motorcycles because the drivers just did not notice them.

Injuries alone are a huge cost to pay for any accident.  Notwithstanding, there is a reason motorcycle insurance is so cheap.  If you are hurt on a motorcycle or a scooter, it is almost certain that your insurance will not cover your medical bills.  Although you may have elected to take optional medical coverage, there are generally minimal benefits.  Your health insurance may even have specific provisions preventing you from submitting your bills to them.

This may sound patently unfair, particularly if the accident is not your fault. After all, Personal Injury Protection is available to those who operate private passenger vehicles. This protection is offered to all those who drive their own automobiles, regardless of fault.  However, under New Jersey law motorcycles and motor scooters do not fall under the definition of automobiles.  The benefit is not available even if you have an automobile policy in addition to the one that you took out on your motorcycle.

What about the driver that caused the accident?  Won’t they pay your bills?  Can you recoup from them?  In some sense, maybe.  If someone else was liable for the incident, their insurance company may ultimately pay your medical expenses.  This will only happen as part of a damage claim against the “at fault” driver.

The bottom line for the freedom of the open ride can be inconceivable.  For many, it is worth the assumed risk.  In addition to understanding payment of your medical bills, it is important to review your policy with either an insurance specialist or an attorney.  Make sure your Under Insured Motorist/Uninsured Motorist coverage also meets your prospective needs.  This is prospectively important if you are in an accident with someone who falls into either of these categories.

If you get into a motorcycle accident, you should immediately seek out an experienced attorney to pursue such a claim.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC has more than 25 years handling these types of cases. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll get you the money that you deserve. For more information on how the insurance companies deny your claim, click here.

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