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workers-compensation-doctorWorkers’ compensation is a very complicated legal system. If you don’t have the right lawyer to navigate you through it, it’s very easy to have your claim denied. But the most important piece of your case is going to be the doctor who treats you after your accident.

It’s important to remember that you should go see a medical professional after any accident.  The employer’s insurance company may tell you to go to a certain doctor instead of your regular physician, someone who may specialize on workplace injuries. However, if that is not the case, go see your doctor even if the injury is minor.

When visiting your doctor, it is crucial that you give the doctor a complete and accurate medical history. This includes any pre-existing injury that you may have had before the accident. For instance, let’s say you broke a bone in your wrists when you were a kid. But lately, your wrists have been bothering you and you believe the pain is related to carpal tunnel. When seeing the doctor about this injury, you should tell him about the past injury because it may not be carpal tunnel after all. If you deny or don’t tell anyone about this injury and it shows up on an exam, it could harm your claim later on.

And just as important as it is to tell your doctor about your past injuries, it’s just as important to tell your lawyer. In order for our experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to present the best case on your behalf, he needs the all the correct information.

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