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You were injured at work and was granted workers’ compensation. Now comes the major question: What kind of benefits should you expect to receive?

First, you must realize that in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation in New Jersey, you must be unable to work for seven days. You will then expect to receive your benefits in about two weeks unless it is contested. Staying out of work depends on the severity of the injury. Your workers’ compensation benefits can fall into one of the following categories:

  • Medical benefits – This type of funds will pay for any medical treatment, medication, or hospitalization that you need as a result of your work injury. Be aware that your employer has the right to decide where you receive your treatment and who should be treating you.
  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits – This type of funds you will receive if you are out of work for more than seven days. The amount you receive is determined by how much you make within a week. The rate is generally 70 percent of your salary. These benefits are terminated when you return to work.
  • Permanent Partial Benefits – You can receive this type of funds if your injury results in a partial permanent disability, such as a loss of an eye or a toe. The percentage is based on either “scheduled” loss (involving a body part, like an arm) or a “non-scheduled” loss (involving either or an organ or your back).
  • Permanent Total Benefits – You receive this type of funds if your injury is so severe that you are unable to return to work. Again, like temporary benefits, you will receive only 70 percent of your average weekly wage. Permanent total disability is considered when you have lost two major limbs or a combination of body parts.
  • Death Benefits – If you die because of a work-related injury, your dependents will receive weekly benefits of up to 70 percent of your weekly wage. In addition, your employer or insurance carrier is expected to pay up to $3500 in funeral expenses.

For a look at how much you should expect to receive with these benefits, click here.

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