The Bottom Line is that Space Heaters Can be Dangerous

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space heaters carboneThere’s no question that New Jersey’s weather is unpredictable. In the same week, the temperatures can vary a good thirty or forty degrees. It’s no wonder that some use space heaters to take out the chill in select rooms. Meanwhile, the truth is that space heaters can be very dangerous.

You may already know some of the consequences associated with using space heaters. Just last month, the news reported that a space heater was likely the cause of a massive fire in Newark. More than a dozen families were displaced as a result of flames that quickly accelerated. Fortunately, residents were saved, but animals lost their lives.

Space Heaters: A Risk

First, it might seem evident that space heaters can cause a fire. However, you might wonder why. In some cases, it may be that the space heater itself is defective or deemed dangerous. Take for example Vornado Air’s Cribside Space Heaters. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the units were recalled this year.

Although there were only about 5,000 of these particular heaters in households, they were deemed unsafe. It was determined that a broken motor mount could cause contact between the electric heating element and the interior plastic materials. As a result, an ignition could lead to fire and burns. In case you didn’t realize, plastic can be combustible and release toxic gases.

The type of space heater you use can also represent additional hazards. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs offers a fact sheet that breaks down the different kinds of space heaters as follows:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Kerosene

In some municipalities, kerosene heaters are actually against the law. The storage and use of any flammable substance increase the chances that a fire could ignite.

Space Heater Positioning

No doubt you can already guess that where a space heater is positioned matters. For example, placing a space heater near water could result in electrocution or electric shock. Space heaters should not be placed near any type of fabric. For example, space heaters should not be placed near curtains or any kind of furniture. And, of course, you should never put a space heater near newspapers or any sort of clutter.

The risk of fire is not the only concern when it comes to space heaters. Without question, a space heater can cause all degrees of burns. For this reason, they should be positioned out of reach of children and pets. Caution should also be exercised.

In the meantime, you should be aware of the silent danger of space heaters. Unless they are properly vented, there is a chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Once again, a defective space heater can cause this, however improper installation or positioning also create hazards. Fatalities related to carbon monoxide poisoning occur because the victims are unaware of the danger.

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