The Impending Danger of Natural Gas Explosions

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The Impending Danger of Natural Gas ExplosionsWe don’t hear about gas explosions often; but when they do occur, they can cause massive damage. Not only could you be severely injured, but you could lose a loved one or your home. And with 70,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing the Garden State, the possibility of one occurring very soon is likely.

According to a recent news report, gas pipes around New Jersey spring 10,000 leaks each year. As these pipelines are getting older, their condition worsens. Because of this, many of our communities are vulnerable to a gas explosion.

Take a look at Boston. Last September, a series of natural gas explosions had rocked a bunch of suburban communities, injuring 25 people and destroying many homes. The cause was over-pressurized pipelines.

But if leaking gas from a pipeline causes an explosion that destroys your home or creates an injury, who can be responsible?

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Natural Gas Explosion?

The Impending Danger of Natural Gas ExplosionsThe last fatal pipeline explosion in New Jersey occurred in 2014 when workers digging at a housing development created a leak in the pipeline. The resulting explosion:

  • Killed one.
  • Injured several of the utility workers.
  • And leveled 11 homes.

The incident led to $1.6 million in fines against both contractors and the owner of the pipeline, Public Service Electric & Gas. It was the most significant penalty against a utility in the past five years.

This explosion is an example of who could be held liable for a natural gas explosion. Under premises liability law, the owner of the property is responsible for an injury or accident caused by the owner’s failure to either fix or prevent a hazard.

In the case of a pipeline explosion, it can be difficult to determine the cause, especially if the pipeline is damaged or destroyed. If it were because of a gas leak or poor condition of the pipelines, the responsible party would be the owner of the pipe. You will need to follow the proper procedures to file a claim. Failure to do so can hurt your complaint.

The Impending Danger of Natural Gas ExplosionsHow Attorney Anthony Carbone Can Help

When it comes to a gas explosion, you’re going to need an experienced attorney to hold the responsible parties accountable. For 30 years, Jersey City Attorney Anthony Carbone has been helping injury victims across New Jersey. With a team of accident recreation experts, he will investigate the accident, learn the cause, and help you get the compensation you deserve for your claim.

Don’t wait another second. If you were involved in a natural gas explosion, losing property, or received an injury, Attorney Carbone is prepared to help. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for more information.

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