The importance of filing a report for your accident

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importance-of-filing-accident-reportOne of the area newspapers runs an interesting column concerning consumer affairs. Most recently, they ran an article that stresses the importance of filing a report. Whether your claim involves a slip and fall in a big box store or a motor vehicle accident, it is important that a proper report is filed.

In this particular case, the issue was one involving only property damage. A woman was sitting in her car at a Sam’s Club parking lot. As she chatted on her telephone, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. The shopping cart attendant was running after two carts stacked together. They were headed towards the woman’s car and made a loud crashing sound as they made impact with her vehicle.

The woman got out of her car to see if there was any damage. The cart attendant apologized and acknowledged that the carts had caused a significant dent on the woman’s car. When the woman asked the attendant to call a manager to the scene, she was informed to go inside the store and request to speak with him.

This was not an instance where someone did not realize the importance of filing a report. When the woman asked the manager if she needed to call the police, she was informed that this type of incident is reported internally through the store’s system. The manager offered to take pictures and write the report, while the woman continued shopping.

The woman walked away from the store, with the report in hand. It seemed apparent that the store would pay her to have her car fixed. After all, it was not just an instance of an unattended shopping car left awry on a windy day. Unfortunately, the report failed to contain any real information. It did not mention that the cart attendant was involved in the accident. The claims department for the big box store denied to pay for the request for damages. The lesson learned? Be proactive in the contents of an accident report.

What should you do to report an accident? First, go by your gut feeling. If you feel that the police should be called to the scene, have them come to make a report. Second, take your own pictures. This particular case involved a big box store, with a standard report form. Ask if you can add your own statement to the report. Make sure to include the missing details. If there are witnesses to your accident, attempt to get their names and contact information.

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