The New Jersey Men of Strength Campaign

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The New Jersey Men of Strength CampaignDomestic Violence Awareness Month is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the focus should be taken off domestic violence victims. In fact, there should always be a focus on the victims and how to stop abuse from occurring. Some may even argue that men, who are responsible for most acts of domestic abuse in New Jersey, should be more engaged in stopping the violence.

Have you heard of the New Jersey Men of Strength Campaign? Well, that’s exactly what the goal of this campaign is – to have men raise awareness in their communities to end domestic violence. This campaign mainly runs through October because of the statewide and national attention domestic violence receives at this time during the year. To raise awareness, the campaign invites men to get involved by signing a pledge to do their part.

According to the campaign’s website, men are invited to join “to promote healthy and supportive relationships, to learn about domestic and dating violence, and to learn how men and boys can stand up and speak up against violence and abuse.”

The New Jersey Men of Strength Campaign was launched by the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence. So far this October, the NJCEDV has recognized seven men for the actions they’ve done to raise awareness for domestic violence:

  • Siyan Bradley – created the Renee J. Bradley Foundation for Domestic Violence based in Somerset County after losing his mother in 2006
  • Chief William Spain – instrumental in creating the first Domestic Violence Victim Response Team in Mercer County
  • Chief W. Harry Earle – chief of police of the Gloucester Township Police Department
  • Jeff Simon –  received the “2018 Avis Spirit Award” for his volunteer work with the Jersey Battered Women’s Service Inc. (JBWS) in Morris County
  • Senator Troy Singleton – authored a domestic violence focused legislative package
  • Edwin Schmierer, Esq. – donated countless hours speaking about domestic violence in the community as a dedicated board member of Womanspace in Mercer County
  • David Cohen – Executive Director of Bergen County’s co-lead domestic violence service provider; Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV)

You can either nominate or become a New Jersey Man of Strength online.

Men Want To Make An Impact

Seventy-three percent of men think they can promote healthy, non-violent relationships. Each day, these men come into contact with abusive situations. It could be in the workplace or their personal lives, but they owe it to their female counterparts by speaking up at about other men’s violence.

Men who are focused on making an impact could play the role of a positive role model towards a person that they know or suspect is abusive towards their partner. The same goes for fathers who could positively impact their sons so they are aware of knowing what’s right or wrong when they become adults. Other ways men can take a stand against domestic violence can include speaking out, taking a leadership role in their community, or confronting abusive behavior.

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