The steps for filing a workers’ compensation case

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The legal world is a very tricky place to navigate, especially if you have no clue about what you are doing. And when you injured and don’t know what to do, it can affect you in ways it wouldn’t if you were healthy.

You got severely injured at work. Now what? Just breathe, we’ll help you through it. Here’s the steps you need to file your claim successfully:

  1. Immediately let your employer know that you had been injured and then seek medical care. Under New Jersey law, the employer and/or their insurance carrier can select the doctors to treat you.
  2. It is now your employer’s responsibility to alert his/her insurance carrier about the incident. The insurance carrier will file a First Report of Injury to the state and then examine the case. They will then make the decision of whether it falls under the law and if compensation is available.
  3. If your claim is accepted, the insurance carrier will inform where to go for medical treatment. If you are out of work for longer than seven days, then they will compensate you accordingly. Within 26 weeks after you return to work, the insurance carrier is required to file a Subsequent Report of Injury with the state. You will receive a copy as well.
  4. If your claim is denied or there is a dispute in your case, you have a chance to file a claim. You can either file a formal or informal claim. An informal claim is a way for you to resolve any issues without getting into any lengthy litigation. The job will make recommendations but they are not binding. If you are more interested in filing a formal claim, we urge that you contact us for assistance.

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