Question for Attorney Carbone: Will I Get a Ticket for Not Wearing My Seat Belt?

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new jersey seat belt law law offices of anthony carboneQuestion: I can’t stand wearing my seat belt! It makes me feel pinned to my seat. I try to drive without it on as much as possible. A friend of mine had warned me that if I keep driving like that, not only will I get seriously injured in a car crash but I could get a ticket. Is not wearing my seat belt really illegal? Could they seriously give me a ticket?

Answer: Oh yes, you should wear your seat belt at all times. Not only does seat belts save you from injury in a car crash, but it is the law. According to the New Jersey seat belt law, all occupants in the front seat are required to wear a seat belt while the vehicle is being operated. If the person who is in the front seat is under the age of 18, it is the motorist’s responsibility to make sure that minor is wearing a seat belt. If the passenger or motorist is over the age of 18, then they are responsible. In addition, the motorist is responsible for making sure everyone in the car is wearing a seat belt while the car is in use.

However, there are exceptions to the New Jersey seat belt law:

  • If you are in a vehicle that was manufactured before July 1, 1996
  • The vehicle is not required to be equipped with seat belt systems under federal law, such as a bus
  • You have physical or medical reason for not buckling up, verified in writing by a physician

You may have heard a police officer can’t pull you over solely because you’re not wearing your seat belt. According to the New Jersey seat belt law, a police officer can stop a motorist for violation of the law. A ticket for failure to wear a seat belt costs about $46.

Yes, seat belts can be uncomfortable but it can prevent serious injury in a case. The chances of surviving a car crash by just wearing your seat belt increases by 60 percent. So consider buckling up. Not only is it the law, but it can save your life.

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