Tips on Avoiding House Fires During Christmastime

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Did you know that more house fires occur during the holiday season than any other time of year?  According to statistical analysis, a high percentage of house fires occur from December until February.  Some are attributable to the mere factor that winter has arrived.  (Although, we might add that this is not an obvious component thus far in 2015.)  Consider these tips to avoiding a house fire.

Christmas Trees

The National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”) has studied the role of Christmas trees and home structure fires.   In their document, “Home Structure Fires Involving Christmas Trees“, they discuss the dangers presented by Christmas trees.  Essentially, Christmas trees act as fuel in a fire.  Sadly, one in 31 fires involving a Christmas tree results in a death.  Children often become victims in fires involving this traditional piece of greenery.  What can you do to avoid a fire involving a Christmas tree?  Consider the following:

  • Enjoy a live tree? Pick one that is fresh with needles intact.  Water the tree daily.
  • Refrain from putting damaged lights on the tree. Dispose any of them that boast frayed wires.
  • Unplug the Christmas tree lights when you are not at home or retiring for the evening.
  • Make sure the tree or any other decorative items are away from heat sources.

Holiday Lights

Many use Christmas as a time to decorate both the interior and exterior of their homes.  However, lights can also represent a potential danger.  Here are some important tips to avoid a disaster with holiday lights:

  • When you choose lights, read the box for their intended purpose. Do not put interior lights outside.
  • Do not connect more than three strands of lights together.
  • If your lights have slipped into a puddle, turn them off and give them a chance to dry out.
  • Nails and staples do not mix well with electricity. Do not use them to pierce a wire to display your lights.


People cook during the holidays more than any time of year. Check the stove for open flames.  Make sure you do not leave a pot to burn on the stove.  Remember to turn off the oven when you are finished using it.  For that matter, the holidays can be distracting.  Make sure to remove items from the oven.

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Many times, a fire is beyond control.  If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a fire, you may benefit from experienced legal advice.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have many years handling burn victims.  Contact us to discuss the particulars of your case.  In the meantime, enjoy this special season!

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