Tis the season for road rage

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The holiday season is upon us. Time for family and warm wishes and goodwill. It’s also a time of stress and frustration. And sometimes, stress can lead to danger.

One of the major stresses in our lives is driving. We’re all so busy go to and fro that sometimes the little things can cause a lot gief, such as someone cutting you off or not signalling before turning. Usually, we can just complain and let the matter slide. But sometimes, especially if you are stressed, it can turn into something much more. The next thing you may know, you can find yourself screaming at someone on the side of the road after ramming into their car, which can then progress to a fight which can further lead into someone getting injured. And then, in addition to having an auto accident, you are now involved in a personal injury case.

This is a situation that could have been avoided. Here are some tips from Edmonds.com you can follow if the situation should happen to you:

  1. Try to get enough rest before hitting the road. Being tired behind the wheel only adds to your stress level
  2. Try to listen to relaxing music in the car. We all love our music but aggressive music can lead to aggressive driving
  3. Don’t forget to breathe. If you have a tight grip on the wheel, relax. Roll down the window and take a breath of fresh air
  4. Avoid being hostile at all costs. Not only will it increase your stress, but it can damage your heart
  5. Running late? Try to get out the door earlier. Know there is going to be heavy traffic? Try finding another route to work. Always try to plan ahead.

And just remember that no fight is worth it. If you get into an accident and you feel your blood pressure rise, just take a moment to calm down. You won’t regret your actions later.

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