When an Increase in Traffic Volume Means More Accidents

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At various times of the year, congestion levels increase on various New Jersey roadways. For many, it means leaving early or taking the risk of arriving late. Add on more concern to the list. Does an increase in traffic volume mean more accidents? traffic volume

Bumper to bumper traffic. If you’re heading back from the Jersey shore, you likely expect to sit in it. The same holds true on some other alternate highways like Route 9 or Route 35. However, most find it’s worth the price to pay to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk. Do more cars on the road suggest a higher probability of crashes? In some respects, it just stands to reason. Meanwhile, you might be interested in what the studies say on the subject.

A few years ago, experts investigated the role of traffic volume in accidents on urban highways. In Jersey City, this includes roads like Routes 1 and 9 and Route 440. One could easily argue that congestion exists on both roads on a daily basis. Of course, they’re particularly crowded during standard rush hours. Not surprisingly, Route 440 makes it on a top ten list of motor vehicle crashes. Here’s the interesting observation made by professional engineers. It appears that the volume of light non-passenger cars increases the chance of more severe accidents. Pick-up trucks fall into this category. However, all types of motor vehicles wind up in crashes, ranging from fender benders to accidents involving fatalities.

Traffic Volume Trends

when an increase in traffic volume means more accidents | law offices of anthony carboneAccording to the United States Department of Transportation, traffic volume increased by 1.2% nationally between July and August of 2018. In New Jersey, the numbers changed by just .01%. However, different types of accidents relate specifically to higher traffic volume. On the major highway, drivers speed at a higher rate. As a result, shortstops cause more damage. With that, comes the risk of more substantial injury.

The National Safety Council predicts that 380 people will die as a result of an automobile crash this Memorial Day holiday.  They correlate traffic deaths with drunk-driving accidents. However, impaired driving isn’t the only reason for serious incidents when traffic volume increases. Some others include:

In the meantime, not everyone follows the rules when it comes to wearing seatbelts. This could add to the severity of injuries. The impact of a crash could actually propel someone from a motor vehicle.

Traffic Volume Could Add to Accident Claims

when an increase in traffic volume means more accidents | law offices of anthony carboneNo doubt it’s not the way you intended to end what equates to the unofficial beginning of summer in New Jersey. However, car accidents happen on crowded and desolate roadways. If you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’ll want to know how to pursue legal action.

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