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New Jersey Trigeminal Neuralgia Attorney Anthony CarboneAfter getting over your injuries from a terrible accident, you think that your life can go back to normal. That is before you start experience incredible pain. The pain gets worse and worse as time progresses until you can barely stand it. What is happening? What is the cause for this pain? And does this have anything to do with your accident?

What you may be experiencing is a serious condition called trigeminal neuralgia and it can drastically affect the rest of your life. There is no cure and it does not respond to medication. And chances are, you developed this condition after your accident. If you have trigeminal neuralgia caused by an accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain. Contact the Jersey City personal injury law firm the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a evaluation of your case.

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Also known as “the suicide disease,” this disorder affects the fifth cranial nerve known as the trigeminal. The nerve causes painful sensations to the face which some describe as quick, electrical shocks. In the majority of cases, trigeminal neuralgia only occurs on one side of the face though there are cases where some can suffer a bilateral form of the disease.

When an Accident Triggers the Disease

Any type of blow to your face could cause trigeminal neuralgia. For instance, if you slip on a patch of ice and fall with your face hitting the pavement, this could trigger the disease. And if you’ve already been diagnosed, even the smallest trauma, such as hitting your face on an airbag during a car accident can exacerbate the disorder.

We Can Help!

If you or a loved one suffers from trigeminal neuralgia as a result of an accident, you’re going to need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffering. Contact New Jersey attorney Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation. Now representing clients in Jersey City, Newark, Union City, and throughout New Jersey.

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