Suffered A Trip and Fall Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

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trip and fallThis might seem like an obvious statement: a dangerous condition caused you to fall and sustain a serious injury. Regardless if it was a slippery sidewalk or an out-of-place object in a store, here is some imperative information for proving a trip and fall accident claim.

Document the Location

If you have fallen and believe your injuries occurred because of someone else’s carelessness, it’s important to identify the responsible party. Make sure you take pictures of the incident with your smartphone. If you can’t photograph the incident, write down the information. It is much easier to do this at the time of the accident when the incident is fresh in your mind.

Record the Circumstances

What were the circumstances that led up to your trip and fall? Look around where it occurred. Did you fall because the area was messy? Were there objects in your path? If there is something that caused a hazardous condition, make a record of the circumstances and events. Although photographical evidence is the best to have, write down anything you can recall about the accident. Do this immediately, so you do not forget any details about the event.

Take Note of Warning Signs

Some areas are notorious for being a hazardous accident site. Property owners may create signs to alert others of the potential for injury or unsafe spaces. Document all relevant signage in the proximity of where you tripped and fell. Your attorney can determine its applicability to your case.

Assembling the Proofs in a Trip and Fall Case

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have handled trip and fall accident claims for almost thirty years. The type of case has two major components: damages and liability.

If you have sustained an injury, you most likely have fulfilled the damages part of the claim. This means that you are entitled to financial compensation to make up for your loss(es). In order to make this claim, it is necessary to prove another party is liable for your damages. Liability is the second part of every personal injury claim.

In proving a property owner’s liability, it is necessary to prove ownership. Our Firm has the resources to research this information. It is crucial that the injured party supply the correct address of the accident. Otherwise, a case can be tossed out for failing to name the correct property owner.

When considering a claim for a trip and fall accident, investigations include discovering answers to the following:

  • Did the property owner create a dangerous condition that caused the trip and fall incident?
  • Was the property in need of repair or maintenance?
  • Should the property owner have been aware of the hazards?
  • Did the property owner ignore the dangerous conditions?

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