Tuesdays with Tony: A 2013 settlement roundup

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We can go on and on about how you should hire Jersey City lawyer Anthony Carbone. But how can you trust us? And you have every right to suspicious. But numbers don’t lie. So instead of telling you how great of a lawyer Anthony is (because he is) or how many awards he’s won (because it’s a lot), let us show you through how he spent his time in 2013.

In 2013, Anthony was able to get the following settlements:

  • $97,000 settlement for Worker’s Compensation Case, 3rd party liability
  • $100,000 awarded for Motor Vehicle Accident, personal injury case
  • $60,000 awarded for Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $50,000 awarded for Union county verbal thresh hold case
  • $70,000 settlement on a slip and fall in an apartment complex
  • $100,000 settlement in a rear end auto accident
  • $55,000 arbitration award on a motorcycle accident.
  • $80,000 settlement for Atlantic City slip and fall.
  • $100,000 settlement for motor vehicle accident.
  • $135,000 settlement for gas station slip and fall
  • Four workers’ compensation cases, totaling $70,000, $20,000, $31,000, and $27,000
  • And successfully got a restraining order for a woman who was being harassed from her former boyfriend.

Still need proof? How about our client testimonials? When choosing a lawyer, you want a lawyer that will have your back no matter what. Anthony Carbone is a fighter. He is aggressive and successful. He works around the clock and fights for you relentlessly. He doesn’t get paid until you do. He will not stop until you are champions and he has experience. So contact us today for a free consultation.

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