Jersey City Tuesdays with Tony: A music aficionado

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Who doesn’t love a good song?

Perhaps you know Tony’s slogan: Aggressive. Relentless. Successful. But many don’t know the last part of the slogan, which is “we are fighters.” And it’s true, we fight until you get what you deserve. It makes us think of one of our favorite songs, “We Are the Champions” by Queen. You know the song, it’s usually played at sporting events, usually paired with “We Will Rock You.” Written as a “unifying and positive” song, the 1977  anthem was the official theme song at the 1994 FIFA World Cup and was named “the catchest pop song of all time” in 2011. And let’s all admit it, at least one time in our lives we sang along with a crowd after our favorite team won the big game (not this year with the Giants out of the Super Bowl, of course).

And after much thought about it, “We Are the Champions” is the perfect description for the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. After all, look at all the awards Tony has won this year alone. That doesn’t convince you? How about the cases he has won in the last two years? Or the fact that he was named a Super Lawyer? Anthony Carbone is in court practically every day fighting for your rights. He has the experience and the drive to see your case get the right result. His ultimate goal is to see you achieve success. He is a fighter for the underdog and is not afraid to stand up to big corporations or insurance companies. With Anthony Carbone, you know you will get the big win.

Yes, we are the champions and we are here to rock your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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