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You can tell a lot about a man by looking at what he loves. Obviously, you can see that Tony is a family man through and through. But what about his passions?  Some people love sports. Others love shopping. But Tony loves the comfort of things. To Tony, nothings beats the ending of a day but a nice glass of wine and cigar, surrounded by your family.

Tony has had a long love affair with wine, beginning as an altar boy at Our Lady of The Blessed Sacrament. With his closest friend Vince Pelligrino, Tony had begun a collection of  wine, particularly a 1997 Brunello. He also favors a 2007 Brunello. “At some point I had a collection of over 300 bottles from almost every producer,” Tony says. “When Vince was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to enjoy the wine.”

In addition to his Brunello collection, Tony also makes wine: “My father and I have been making wine for years. This year we made three barrels of red wine. We bought 34 cases of grapes from Corrado’s. It produced 102 gallons.”

In addition to wine, Tony loves good, long pull from a cigar. As a member of the The Metropolitan Society, a private cigar club in Fairfield N.J., he visits regularly to indulge in his smoking habit. “I smoke Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Arturo Fuente Rosado, and Padron 1964,” he says. Nothing beats sitting in a chair, toasting to good friends and enjoying the flavor of the tobacco in a cigar.

What are your passions?

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