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Tony decided to give you some educational advice today:

Did you know that the owner or occupier of property owes a different duty of care depending on the status of the visitor? True. The scope of a landowner’s duty to a third party is defined by the third party’s status as a “business invitee,” “social guest,” or “trespasser.”

Now that we had our first storm of the year, it becomes inevitable for someone to slip and fall on ice and snow. While we urge you to use caution, accidents do happen. When they do, clients always ask, “Can I sue?”

The answer depends first upon the status of the person who was on the landowner/occupier’s property. How would you know what your status was when you fell? You probably wouldn’t. But we can help. If you were injured from a slip and fall from ice and/or snow, I invite you to call us. We can explain the difference duties that the landowner/occupier owed you. We can also help identify if that duty of care was breached.

I have been handling  slip and fall cases for more than 25 years. Let my experience work for you.

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