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Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away. This is a holiday of reflection, of giving thanks to what is special in our lives. It’s a time to pause from the rush of daily life and show appreciation for all the good things that happened in the last year.

Here are a few things that Tony is thankful for:

  • His family: His lovely wife Tammy and his daughters Alyssa, Deanna, and Jenna are his everything. His world would have been a very gray place to live without them in his life.
  • His friends: The greatest bunch of people you can ever meet. They have always been there for him.
  • His work: He is so thankful that he can get up every day and do what he loves, fight for the rights of his clients.
  • His employees: Without the people who work by his side, Tony would never have become successful in what he does.
  • His clients: Tony wouldn’t be where he is today without the people who supported him and came to him in their time of need.
  • His home: New Jersey born and raised, why would Tony go anywhere else?
  • His country: Sure America had some rough times, but it’s still the greatest country in the world.

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Share your thoughts with us.



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