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The term “lawsuit” is used to describe both civil and criminal cases. If one individual files civil lawsuits against another, or even a group of individuals acting on behalf of others who cannot act for themselves (for example, minors). 

If you’re not sure what type of case you have, consult an attorney at Union City Personal Injury Attorney in that field for advice on how best to proceed and protect yourself against any future problems.

This article has discussed types of lawsuits in detail to give you more information and help you understand the process of each kind.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit is filed by an individual injured due to another person’s negligence. For example, suppose you slip and fall in the parking lot at your local grocery store because they didn’t clean the water spilled on the floor properly. In that case, you may file a personal injury case against that store to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Product Liability Lawsuit

A product liability lawsuit is filed against the maker, distributor, and seller of a defective product. For example, suppose you were driving your car when it suddenly malfunctioned because of faulty brakes, which caused an accident resulting in injury or death to yourself or others. In that case, you may file a class action suit for damages against the automobile company as well as the dealer who sold the car to you.

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil suit that arises when someone dies due to another person’s negligence or intentional act. The deceased’s family members can be plaintiffs, and often, the executor of the will may also take on this role. Wrongful death lawsuits are usually filed in state courts, but there are some federal cases too. There are three types of damages you can sue for: 

  • Economic damages (lost wages) 
  • Non-economic damages (pain and suffering) 
  • Punitive damages.

Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

It is filed by an injured worker against their employer who violated the law and caused injury to that employee. For example, suppose you were punched in the face at your place of employment because a co-worker was angry with you, resulting in serious bodily harm requiring hospitalization and surgery. In that case, you may file a workers’ compensation lawsuit against your employer for failing to protect you.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

You can fill when a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider fails to meet the duty of reasonable care, which results in injury. For example, if you were receiving treatment for an illness and your physician could not diagnose that condition properly, resulting in permanent damage beyond repair, you may file a medical malpractice lawsuit against them for negligence.

In conclusion, administrative law proceedings also happen when certain state agencies like public utility commissions or licensing boards need to settle disputes with people in their area of jurisdiction. It’s essential to get legal help early, so you don’t waste time trying to fix a severe problem later by yourself or, worse, getting penalized more severely because you didn’t act soon enough.

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