Understanding Megan’s Law

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No one likes to talk about it. It’s a highly personal, intrusive, and embarrassing subject. But sex crimes unfortunately do happen, even in New Jersey. And the one thing that no one wants is to live next door to someone who has committed a sex crime.

We have all heard about Megan’s Law.  In simple terms, Megan’s Law is a registry for sexual offenders. When a person is convicted of a sex crime, no matter what it is, he/she must register with the local law enforcement as a sex offender. The person will have to provide their background, address, and the name of their employer. The area prosecutor will then take that information and classify the person in one of the following levels:

  • Low Risk: This means the public will not be notified of the offender’s presence. However, law enforcement will be notified along with any victims and their family.
  • Moderate Risk: There will be limited notification to the public (i.e. schools, day cares, and other places where children gather will be notified). And just like low risk, the victim and his/her family will be notified.
  • Maximum Risk: The public will be notified, especially anyone who is living within a half-mile radius to the offender.

In addition of the local law enforcement being notified, the offender’s name and personal information will be placed on the state’s Sex Offender Internet Registry.

As you can imagine, being placed on these lists can have a serious effect on someone’s life. Everyone will know the crime you committed and that you have committed a sex crime. But there is hope. If you have committed a sex crime in the past and feel you do not belong on the Megan’s Law registry, contact us for a free consultation.

For more information on how we handle sexual offense cases, click here.

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