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Your husband’s anger has always been extremely explosive. Although he’s generally an easygoing man, when something sets him off you don’t want to be near him. One day, you get into an argument over your finances and it gets more and more heated. Finally, your husband explodes and punches you in the face. You’re hurt and stunned. He’s never done anything like this before. What should you do?

Sadly, this is a story that sounds all too familiar. According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, one in every four women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. In 2006 alone, 73,749 domestic violence cases were reported in New Jersey. It’s a problem that just won’t go away.

It’s always a moment of shock after you experience such a violent act and sometimes it’s hard to think afterwards. You may sit and rationalize your husband’s behavior. He may apologize and that may be the end of it. But here at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC, we don’t take any type of violence lightly. If a loved one strikes you, even if it’s for the first time, we urge that you contact the police immediately and then call us. We’ll take care of you and make sure to file a restraining order on your behalf. Because it’s never just a one-time event.

For more information on domestic violence and how Jersey City attorney Anthony Carbone can help you, click here.

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