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You and your boyfriend have some vicious fights. They have progressed over time until he has become physically abusive towards you. Finally, you can’t take the fighting anymore and you have him arrested for domestic violence. A criminal complaint was filed and you had a temporary restraining order against him. But things have now changed. Your boyfriend claims he has been going to therapy and he wants to try again with you. You believe he has changed and you want to get back together. What happens now?

We’ve spoken about restraining orders and how you can obtain one after being abused. But what if you want to remove a restraining order? If you truly believe your boyfriend has changed and things will be different, the first thing you will need to do is withdraw the restraining order.  At this time, you will be interviewed so the authorities are sure that you are not being forced to withdraw your complaint. Once you are interviewed, you will return to court and explain to the judge why you want to remove the restraining order. If the judge is satisfied that you are not withdrawing the complaint under duress, the court will then dismiss the complaint. Remember, you must bring this dismissal to your local police department or else they might arrest your boyfriend if he’s seen with you.

If you need more information on domestic abuse and need our help, click here. If you need help in obtaining a restraining order or want to file a criminal complaint against your significant other, please contact us right away. We will help you any way we can.

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