Are you or the weather to blame for a slip and fall case?

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Categories: Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Slip and Falls.

Be careful with the bad weather today! It seems like every week we have another bad storm hitting New Jersey. And we all know that this is the perfect weather for accidents, no matter how well you try to prevent them. So what happens if your neighbor comes to check up on you, only to slip and fall on your doorstep? Will you get sued? And if so, are you to blame?

It’s true, when someone falls on your property because of poor conditions, you are the one responsible because of premises liability. However there are times when you are not responsible for your visitor’s accident. In the example above, because it’s snowing heavily at the time of the accident, you may not be to blame since the weather conditions are hazardous. Yet, if it isn’t snowing outside and you were well aware of the icy sidewalk yet failed to tell your neighbor before his/her visit, then you would be responsible for the accident. So it’s probably best to stay indoors until the snow has ended.

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