When the Weather Strikes: Who is Responsible for my Weather-Related Accident?

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weather-related accidents law offices of anthony carboneThe first major snowstorm hit New Jersey yesterday. According to news reports, up to 10 inches of snow fell across the region Thursday, followed by ice and sleet. Hundreds of accidents were reported yesterday, leaving drivers stuck on the highways for hours. And although the snow has stopped falling, road conditions are still quite hazardous. Several business and schools have either delays or closed as New Jersey digs its way out of the mess.

The weather can cause much destruction to your property as well as to your health. Just a simple slip on a patch of ice can wind up costing you thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. Slamming into a guardrail after your car slid on a patch of snow may mean a total loss of your vehicle.

So when a winter storm hits and you get into a weather-related accident, who will pay for your medical bills?

Car Accidents During a Storm

Even if you don’t want to drive in the snow, sometimes it can’t be avoided here in New Jersey. If you’re commuting from the city to Newark and you get into a car accident because of the weather, you may have some trouble with your insurance. It may not accept the idea that weather caused your accident and refused to pay for your injuries.

Remember, your insurance company is not your friend. It will do anything it can to avoid paying your claim. If this happens to you after a car accident, you will need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney right away to learn what your options are.

But what happens if you get into an accident while riding on a bus or taking an Uber? Will your insurance company pay? Or will it be the driver or company? The answer is as long as you have personal injury protection, or PIP, insurance, your insurance will foot the bill. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t sue the driver or the company for the accident.

Again, these situations can be difficult, and it’s best to speak with an attorney to see what your legal options may be.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Snow and Ice

It’s a simple equation – melting snow plus negligent property owners equals a slip and fall accident. After a major snowstorm, it is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure snow is clear from the premises. By failing to do so in a reasonable manner, the owner is responsible if an accident occurs.

For example, you are walking in the parking lot to reach a store. A blanket of snow still covers the area, and it’s very slippery. You slip and fall, breaking your hip. Since the business owner failed to clean up the parking lot, you may have a chance to recover damages following the accident.

But what if the property is a private residence? Can you still sue? The answer is it depends. If the accident occurs at a single-family dwelling, such as your neighbor’s home, that neighbor’s homeowners insurance will cover the accident. However, if the slip and fall occur at a multi-family dwelling, such as an apartment complex, then you may have an opportunity to file a claim against the owner and any employee who failed in his/her duty to clear the snow away.

Personal Injury Lawyer Anthony Carbone Can Help

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has helped thousands of clients in New Jersey after getting into a weather-related accident. With 30 years of experience in injury law, his aggressive, relentless client representation has led to a successful track record and the respect of his peers.

If you were involved in a weather-related accident such as a slip and fall accident or a car crash, don’t wait any longer. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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