Weekend Safety Tip, Part 6: Avoid Getting a DUI This Holiday Weekend

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DUI over the July 4th weekend anthony carboneFinally the holiday weekend is here! I’m sure you are ready to hit the backyard barbeques and have a frosty cold beverage or two. But be careful if you are heading out this weekend — not only are the roadways going to be dangerous, but it’s prime time for DUIs.

As we mentioned previously, Fourth of July is probably the most dangerous holidays to be on the roadways and one of those reasons is because of drinking and driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 750 people have died in car accidents involving a legally drunk driver during the July 4th holiday over the last five years. In addition, these fatalities account for 39 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities over the same five-year period. In fact, in 2013, the NHTSA found the rate of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes was more than three times higher the night of July 4 than during the day.

Many believe that in order to celebrate or have a good time, liquor should be involved. And although we don’t disagree with this notion, there is a way to stay safe this holiday season. But if you have been drinking, even if you are only buzzed, do not get behind the wheel. Instead, consider these options:

  • Choose a designated driver. Make sure that person doesn’t drink one drop of liquor all night.
  • If you drink too much and don’t have a driver, make other arrangements such as calling for a taxi or asking a friend for a lift.
  • If a friend is drunk and ready to drive home, make sure to take away the car keys. Or, if you are sober, offer to drive your friend.
  • And the best way to avoid DUIs is  just stay home! If you drink at home, you won’t have to worry about driving anywhere. Invite some friends over and let them know they are welcome to stay.

Please be safe this weekend and if you do get into either a car accident or receive a DUI, get the best legal help. Contact the Law Offices 0f Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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