What Are the Four Types of Workers Compensation Benefits?

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Are worker’s compensation benefits important? It is a question that most employees think about periodically. They can also be referred to as workmen’s compensations for work-related causes, sickness, or injuries to employees.

Workers’ compensation benefits also reduce your work-related illness and liabilities. Furthermore, they also cover death benefits, disabilities benefits, and replacement of missed wages. Read on to find out how workers’ compensation benefits cover you in case of incidences during the working period.

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What are Workers Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits are insurance policies that cover employees from work-related illnesses or injuries. To help with your financially lost wage or medical bills, you can sue the employer in case you do not have coverage.

Four Types of Workers Compensation Benefits

The four types of workers compensation benefits which are provided by all the states, virtually, include;

  •       Rehabilitation coverage
  •       Disabilities benefits
  •       Death coverage
  •       Medical benefits

Rehabilitation coverage

This is a rehabilitation process that helps impaired workers get rehabilitation and return to their jobs or enter a new line of job. This is in case they get injured during working hours. For example, a driver who lost his/her leg in an accident can be rehabilitated to take up another job. 

Disability benefit

Most employers are not conscious of disability benefits when hiring disabled people; non the less disabled people are liable for the benefits an organization has to offer in regards to the disability benefits.

Death coverage

Death benefits consist of, burial fee, a weekly cash payment of 75% of the workers’ weekly payment for some weeks following his death. This is paid to the surviving spouse or other dependents. The employer is not liable if the worker dies due to work-related injuries and leaves no surviving dependents.

Medical benefits  

It covers workers’ medical bills in case of accidents at work or injuries sustained in the line of duty.   It also covers a wide range of medical conditions. This also caters to emergency and ambulance services. As noted above, post-traumatic stress and carried forward emotions are taken through rehabilitation.

With this new age comes controversial employment benefits, which include:

  •   Birth control
  •   Transgender health employees’ benefits
  •   Gay marriages
  •   Public pension
  •   Special add-on covers
  •   Each and every state has different regulations and requirements for employees’ protection.
  •   In the case of permanent disability, insurance can cover the payment.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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The more you wait, the more difficult it becomes to claim the injury. Justice delayed is justice denied. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, contact us online or call 201-762-8956.

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