What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

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Were you arrested and charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey? You are certainly not alone. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 257,734 people were arrested by state or local law enforcement agencies in New Jersey in 2019. Facing a criminal charge is stressful, intimidating, confusing, and altogether overwhelming. 

You need professional legal representation. This raises an important question: What does a New Jersey criminal defense attorney actually do? The short answer is that a lawyer can help you in all aspects of a case—from pre-arrest to plea deals to trials to appeals. Here, our Jersey City criminal defense lawyer highlights the key things that an attorney can do to protect your rights. 

What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Explain Your Rights, Options, and Potential Criminal Liability

A New Jersey criminal defense lawyer can help you before an arrest is made or charges are filed. If there is any type of investigation ongoing, a lawyer can explain your rights, options, and potential criminal liability. When possible, a proactive approach is always best in a criminal case. 

Thoroughly Investigate the Allegations and Secure all Relevant Evidence

The second task of a criminal defense attorney is to thoroughly investigate the allegations and secure all relevant evidence. This may involve conducting interviews, reviewing police reports, and gathering other documentation related to your case. Your attorney will work to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and develop a strong defense strategy.

Represent You Before Police and Prosecutors 

Neither police officers nor prosecutors are on your side. You should always exercise your right to remain silent. If you are arrested, do not agree to give a statement to law enforcement unless you have a lawyer by your side. You have the right to an attorney. 

Advocate for You in Plea Bargain Negotiations (If Appropriate) 

If a plea bargain is appropriate, your criminal defense attorney will advocate for you during plea bargain negotiations. Your lawyer may be in a position to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges, minimize penalties, or explore alternatives to incarceration.

Prepare a Strong, Well-Supported Defense Strategy to Take a Case to Trial

If your case goes to trial, your criminal defense attorney will prepare a strong, well-supported defense strategy. Among other things, a defense strategy may involve issues related to jury selection, preparation of opening/closing arguments, presentation of evidence, and cross-examination of witnesses. 

Ensure that You Are Protected from an Unjust Criminal Sentence

Sentencing is a key part of criminal defense. Your New Jersey criminal defense attorney will work to ensure that you are protected from an unjust criminal sentence. When a person is convicted through a trial, sentencing is a key part of the case. 

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