What Does A Lawyer Do?

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A lawyer, also referred to as an attorney, is an expert responsible for offering representation, advice, and counseling to their clients concerning legal matters. The common misconception is that all lawyers handle mainly criminal law, only to realize that there are multiple specializations they can choose from, including immigration, commercial, law, litigation, and tax law.

Lawyers can have varying titles and duties, depending on their work. For instance, lawyers who advocate for a government entity are referred to as prosecutors. Most lawyers work in law firms that can specialize in a particular area of law practice or might have various lawyers as part of their staff. They may also be self-employed, operating their own office, and providing their services to individual clients.

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What Are The Primary Responsibilities Of A Lawyer?

An attorney is expected to act as the advisor and counselor to their clients in all legal concerns, whether inside or outside the courtroom. If the client’s issue escapes the lawyer’s area of specialization, they will often refer them to a reliable colleague that might help them. The following are the most common responsibilities of a lawyer:

  • Advocating for clients in federal or provincial courts of law by:
    • Arguing motions and debating with the other party during trials.
    • Presenting and summarizing arguments and cases to the jury.
    • Meeting with judges and other attorneys for private sessions.
    • Presenting evidence to support their client’s claim.
    • Interpreting past rulings, regulations, and laws to make a case that benefits their client.
  • Assessing the probable outcomes of cases before handling them by:
    • Analyzing the legal outcomes of each case.
    • Reviewing similar cases.
    • Examining legal information to determine the advisability and liability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits.
  • Building a case, preparing evidence, testimonies, and witnesses before entering the courtroom by:
    • Collecting evidence to create and prepare a prosecution or defense.
    • Advising clients on manners of testimony.
  • Recording legal contracts and documents on the client’s behalf.
  • Negotiating terms in civil disputes, for instance, wills and divorces.
  • Performing regular management and administrative tasks concerned with running a business or firm.
  • Consulting with colleagues and other specializations in matters that might go past their area of specialization.

The law is extensive and broad that one attorney can’t offer legal counsel across various aspects of the law successfully. You can compare it to a medical practitioner specializing in a particular area of the body or a particular type of disease or ailment. Similarly, lawyers focus on one or two areas related to the law. Some common types of lawyers include divorce lawyers, accident and personal injury lawyers, family lawyers, immigration lawyers, criminal lawyers, employment lawyers, and more.

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