What Happens if You Don’t Have Workers Compensation Insurance

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Do you have worker’s compensation? Does your employer offer workers compensation? If no is your answer, there is a lot that can happen to you if you get work-related personal injuries. You have to understand that having workers’ compensation insurance is crucial while working in your company or organization. It protects you from having to sue in case of an injury. But really, what happens if you don’t have worker’s compensation insurance?

First, you have many legal options that you can understand better if you get a worker’s compensation attorney. Anthony Carbone is a Bayonne Personal Injury attorney and covers worker’s compensation and can help you if the business you work for doesn’t offer the insurance cover or issues around the compensation. So here is where you start.

Find the Right Legal Help

In case you suffer a work-related injury and your company doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance, you might want to file an injury claim. At this point, look for an experienced legal team to help you through the legal process. Put in mind that your company is doing the same thing to save themselves. Attorney Anthony Carbone has represented worker’s compensation victims for over three decades and can help you.

Turn to Your State

Should your company fail to pay you worker’s compensation, you can turn to your state first to get any help. This can help you gain back the lost wages due to injuries recovery time or hospital time. Besides, state workers can help you settle your medical bills, which can become expensive within no time. Remember that the injuries can be severe and devastating and require advanced treatment, which can burden you if you don’t have the worker’s compensation. However, it depends on your state’s requirements.

Go for Your Legal Rights

Every employee has several rights they can turn to in case of an accident, and the company isn’t in a position to compensate. First, as mentioned above, you have a right to file a claim for your injury through professional lawyers to ensure you do it the right way. While you do this, you also have the right to see your doctor and seek any necessary treatments.

Once your doctor clears you out, you have a right to go back to your job, and in a case where you can’t get back to your work, you have the right to disability compensation. All this will be easier if you have an experienced legal team guiding you.

You are Protected Against Harassment

If your company can’t give you your worker’s compensation, another thing they can’t do is to harass you if you decide to file a worker’s compensation claim. The law protects you, and should you be harassed; the company only adds more legal issues to themselves. Harassment can include:

  •       Persuasion to use your private insurance to pay medical bills
  •       Pressuring you not to file a claim
  •       Threats to terminate your employment

You now have a glimpse of what happens if you don’t have worker’s insurance compensation and know what to do. The essential thing to remember is all the rights you have, and remember to look for a skilled legal team to help you throughout the process.

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