What happens if you slip and fall on public property

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See that big storm that’s heading our way? Stay safe this holiday!

But accidents tend to happen, especially in that bad weather that’s coming. So let’s say it’s snowing and you need to get to the store to buy that turkey you need for Thursday. So even though it’s not the best conditions out there, you brave the elements to go to the store. You succeed in getting the turkey but walking out to your car, you slip on a patch of ice in the parking lot and fall, breaking your arm. Who is to blame in this case?

This is a common scenario when it comes to a slip and fall case. Much like the case of your neighbor slipping on your sidewalk, the general idea is that the owner or possessor of the property is responsible in keeping the area well maintained. In order for you to claim the owner is in fault, you must prove negligence on their part. This means that the owner had the responsibility to clean up the parking lot and failed to do so, causing your injury.

In a case such as the one above, there could be many people responsible for the accident, such as the grocery store, the owner of the land, and the management company who is responsible for maintaining the property. However, if you were injured in a public parking lot owned by the township or city, there are special rules that apply in this type of case which we will discuss in a later blog.

So be careful if you have to go out this week and if you are injured, remember to contact us. We’ll help you get what you deserve.

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