What Happens if Your Uber Driver Gets into an Accident?

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Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft provide valuable services. Amid the pandemic, they have become especially popular in urban areas like Jersey City. Without a doubt, your exposure risk to COVID-19 is less than if you opt for public transportation.  All may be well and good – unless your Uber or Lyft driver gets into an accident. What happens next?

What Happens if Your Uber Driver Gets into an Accident?At different times, ridesharing companies advertised their services as a means of combatting drunk driving accidents. With restaurants and bars closed, few people consume alcohol outside their homes.  Interestingly enough, Uber offers another twist on how its commitment to helping keep things safe.

If you are a healthcare worker, you may already know that Uber Health provides free transportation to frontline healthcare workers.  Both Uber and Lyft emphasize that health and safety are primary concerns. While automobile accidents are down considerably right now, they still happen.

Medical Expenses for Uber Accidents

If your Uber driver gets into an accident and you are injured, you need to act immediately. First and foremost, you need to secure medial treatment. Who pays your medical expenses?

According to New Jersey law, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) assumes payment for medical bills in the cases involving passenger vehicles. Therefore, if you carry an automobile insurance policy or someone else in your household does, your coverage first kicks in. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain what happens if you don’t have automobile insurance.

As a passenger, you do not bear any liability for the car crash. However, you will still want to document the circumstances in case your injuries justify an accident claim. If you can, take photographs and secure names and license information for all involved parties. Make sure the accident is reported to the police.

Making a Claim When Your Uber Driver Has an Accident

Car crashes happen for a variety of reasons. Truth be told, the accident might not even be the fault of the Uber driver. Many common motor vehicle collisions occur because of:

  • Failure to obey a traffic signal or signdeath by auto
  • Driver inattentiveness or distraction
  • Left hand turns
  • Rear end collisions
  • Speeding
  • Intoxicated or drowsy driver

You should know that the limitation on lawsuit threshold DOES NOT apply to motor vehicle accidents involving Uber or Lyft.    NJSA 39:6A-8  outlines the bodily injuries required to pursue a lawsuit when there are limitations on the right to noneconomic loss.

Without the necessity to meet the threshold limitation, you may make a claim for what the law considers lesser injuries. Even if medical treatment helps you get better over time, you may be entitled to money damages.

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft fall into the category of transportation networking companies (TNCs). If you are severely injured and do not have sufficient coverage for medical expenses, the ridesharing company’s insurance company will pay the bills. The same carrier also covers any claims you make for personal injury.

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