What happens when workers’ compensation ends?

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You got hurt on the job and are receiving workers compensation. You follow the doctor’s advice and you recover. You’re ready to go back to work. Now what happens?

There is no real time limit for how long you can stay on workers compensation. It’s different from person to person. It comes down to when your doctor believes you are ready to return to work. When your doctor feels you are ready, he/she will fill out a medical release form. Once you receive this form, you should return to work as soon as possible and present it to your employer. Remember to stay in touch with your employer and your claim representative during your recovery time so they are aware of your situation.

Once you return to work, things should generally go back to the way they were before, unless your injury is preventing you from doing the same job. If there are any medical restrictions your doctor gives you, you should let your employer know. If you should be at work and you re-injure yourself, let your employer know ASAP and report back to your doctor.

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