What Is Bodily Injury Liability in Jersey City, NJ?

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Save for Florida and New Hampshire, every state in the United States requires drivers to carry bodily injury liability insurance. In this post, we answer a critical question. What is bodily injury liability? If you were involved in a car accident in New Jersey, consider speaking to a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney.


Bodily injury liability is a type of liability coverage offered to drivers and vehicle owners to cover injury-related costs should they injure another driver, passenger, or pedestrian. Besides medical treatment costs, the policy might also cover lost wages, legal fees, and funeral expenses in the event of death.

As already mentioned, almost all states require that drivers carry bodily injury liability as part of their auto insurance. The state will usually list the coverage limits and specify the minimum requirements for coverage using a series of numbers.

For instance, 30/75 means that your policy will pay a maximum of $30,000 for one victim’s injuries ad up to $75,000 for the costs of all other injured parties.

Who Does Bodily Injury Liability Cover?

Unlike Personal Injury Protection (PIP), bodily injury liability coverage pays for the injury-related expenses incurred by the person or people you injured in the accident if you are found liable. It does not cover your or your family’s medical costs of lost income. However, it may help pay for your legal fees if you are sued for the accident.

 What Does Bodily Injury Liability Cover?

By now, you understand that your bodily injury liability coverage will help pay for the other party’s injury-related expenses. If you are found liable for the car accident, your policy might need to cover the following costs:

  • Medical Expenses – If the other party suffers an injury, your coverage will kick in to cover the ambulance costs, hospital stays, medications, and diagnostic tests. The costs might also include aftercare, physical therapy, and medical devices such as wheelchairs.
  • Lost Wages – If the injury sustained by the victim causes them to miss work, and in so doing, lose a portion of their income, your policy could cover this. The same can be said for when the injuries prevent the victim from engaging in gainful employment.
  • Legal Fees – Unlike the above expenses, this part refers to you as the policyholder. Your coverage could pay for your attorney and court fees if you are sued for the accident.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Vs. Property Damage Liability Coverage

Usually, your liability coverage will include two equally important components: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. These two differ in that the latter helps pay for damage caused to the other party’s property or vehicle in an accident. For instance, if you hit someone’s fence with your car, the property damage liability part of your coverage might cover the losses.

Like bodily injury liability, most states specify the minimum requirements for property damage liability coverage. This means that you will have to carry a policy of at least the standard amount set forth by your home state. It is important to note, nonetheless, that the policy will not cover your car’s damages.

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Dealing with insurance companies might not be top of your list of priorities after a car accident. Fortunately, attorney Anthony Carbone has over three decades handling personal injury cases. If you have more questions on bodily injury liability, contact us today at 201-829-3829 to talk to a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney.

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