What is Intimate Partner Sexual Violence?

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intimate partner sexual violence carboneApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and that means it’s time for the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to put an extreme focus on domestic violence awareness. But first, you should know that domestic violence can lead to incidents of sexual assault occurring; especially within an intimate relationship setting.

The term you are going to need to know is Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV). This type of violence includes all forms of sexual assault that take place in a current or past intimate relationship, regardless of a marital status. It typically involves using force, threats, or coercion to obtain sex and/or sexual favors. IPSV also involves shaming another’s sexual preference, along with ignoring or invading their sexual privacy.

IPSV rarely transpires on its own, as it usually occurs alongside other forms of abusive behavior. Women are more often than not the victims of this type of sexual violence. Partners, male or female, use this type of abusive behavior to obtain or maintain power over their significant other. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one in three women suffer from intimate partner violence. Acts of IPSV can include and are not limited to the following:

  • forced oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse
  • forced sex in a group setting, with another person, with a partner watching, or in front of children
  • unwanted sexual touching
  • degrading sexual taunts
  • forced participation in creating or watching pornography
  • forced prostitution
  • forced sexual acts through technology
  • using sex to prove faithfulness
  • withholding care and/or compassion if sexual needs aren’t met

This is not a complete list, but you should have an understanding of what constitutes IPSV.

Is IPSV Common?

The answer is yes. As it is with most forms of sexual violence, the victim is often reluctant to recant any of his or her past experiences. In many cases, the victim does not even know they are a victim. They become so used to the behavior that they think it’s normal. That is why statistics about IPSV aren’t an entirely accurate portrayal of how many victims there actually could or might be.

Why is IPSV Unique?

IPSV shares a lot of horrifying qualities with domestic violence and other types of sexual violence, but it has characteristics that are unique to itself. These characteristics include:

  • Longer-lasting trauma
  • More occurrence of assault and injury
  • Financial dependency of the victim
  • Deliberate pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections
  • Self-blame, shame, and confusion

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