What Is The Average Payout For A Personal Injury Claim?

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When an accident occurs due to another person’s negligence and carelessness, we are entitled to receive compensation. People have a lot of questions in this process regarding whether they should hire a lawyer or go ahead with it on their own, how long it will take, the chances of winning, and the average payout in such a case. Anthony Carbone is a Jersey City, personal injury attorney who has been working for years to ensure we are rightly compensated in case of a personal injury. Contact the office for a free consultation in case of an accident that is not your fault.

What damages are included in my personal injury settlement?

  •       Medical expenses: A claim should cover all medical bills, including the estimated future costs. Therefore, an experienced lawyer will source expert knowledge to get the right estimates.
  •       Loss of income: For a case where an injury has affected your ability to continue with your regular duties, a personal injury claim compensates me for what I will lose before returning to work.
  •       Pain and suffering: I will also get compensated for the pain and discomfort I have to endure during and after an injury. Compensation depends on whether they are long-lived or temporary.
  •       Punitive damage: The court may order compensation that will specifically punish the defendant if the accident occurred because they were malicious or willfully caused by accident.
  •       Other damages: I can also seek compensation for damages that have a financial impact or damage to property.

What is the average payout for a personal injury claim?

As discussed above, compensation may not be equal for everyone. It depends on the injury and its impact on the life of the injured. However, we can estimate where typical injury compensation can fall. The majority of cases fall in between $3000 and $ 25000. There are other factors that can also affect a personal injury claim.

What can affect the outcome of my personal injury claim?

Some factors are beyond our control when it comes to calculating compensation. They include:

  •       Injuries: Severe injuries mean that the medical expenses will be high and also the pain and suffering. Such accidents may even affect your working ability. Therefore, severe injuries translate to higher compensations.
  •       Insurance policy: The insurance company will only pay compensation within the defendant’s policy limits.

Benefits of having a legal representation

Although I can still get compensated when I handle the situation on my own, statistics show that my chances of success are higher if I have legal representation. A recent survey revealed that people who hired a lawyer received an average compensation of $77,600 compared to $17,600 for people who went through the case independently. An experienced lawyer will gather the necessary evidence and build a substantial claim to increase my success chances.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have handled personal injury cases for over 30 years now with a high success rate. Call for a free consultation and proceed to receive legal representation immediately after a slip and fall accident caused by the negligence of others. After all, you only pay after a successful case.

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