What Is the Average Slip and Fall Compensation?

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Almost every American will suffer a slip and fall at one point or another. This sad but true fact can be attributed to the negligence of some property owners. If a property owner fails to maintain their property in a safe condition, visitors to the premises are likely to get injured.

Slip and fall victims may be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party. If you decide to explore this right, a Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney can help you pursue a claim.

But what is the average slip and fall compensation? What kind of settlement can you expect from your case? This article answers these pertinent questions.

 Average Slip and Fall Settlement

The average slip and fall settlement falls between $15,000 and $45,000. However, not every claim will settle for this amount. Smaller cases with minor injuries tend to warrantless settlements, with some settling for as little as $1,000. This is also common in cases where the victim represents themselves.

If your slip and fall injuries were severe, on the other hand, you could be eligible for a higher settlement. Your demand will often cover past and future medical costs, rehabilitation, and aftercare, among others.

Factors that Affect Settlement Amounts

No two slip and fall cases are the same. While most cases tend to settle out of court, others go to trial. This could also affect your settlement amount. Other factors that might determine the amount you receive for your injuries include:

  • Proof of Fault

To qualify for compensation, you must establish liability. You must prove that the property owner owed you a duty of care, which they breached and, in doing so, caused your injuries. You must also show that you did not play a part in the accident, especially if you live in a comparative negligence state.

If you are found to be partially at-fault for an accident, you will likely receive less settlement than you would if you were not at fault at all.

  • Nature of Injury

Two of the most significant determinants in a personal injury case are the nature and severity of your injuries. Generally, severe, life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, tend to warrant the highest settlement amounts. This is because they require extensive treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare. They could also affect your earning ability.

  • Insurance Limits

Many property owners take up premises liability insurance to protect themselves from slip and fall lawsuits. These policies often have a specified limit. If your demand surpasses the set policy limit, your settlement amount could be compromised. You might be forced to reduce your demand amount or sue the property owner in court.

 Talk to a Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney

Various factors go into determining the value of your claim. One of the most important of these is your legal representation. If you work with an experienced attorney, you are more likely you receive the average slip and fall compensation or more.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims. Attorney Carbone has been handling personal injury cases for over three decades. If you have been injured in New Jersey, contact us at 201-829-3805 to speak to a Jersey City Personal Injury Attorney.

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