What is the criminal law procedure in New Jersey?

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criminal-law-procedure-njYou might have made a stupid mistake and now you’re going to have to pay for it. You’re nervous and not sure what happens next. It can be an overwhelming experience, one that you probably don’t want to deal with. Sure, dealing with the criminal legal process can be frightening. But knowing what will happen next can help relieve some of those fears.

After you commit or are suspected of committing a criminal offense, you will either receive a summons to appear in court or be arrested by a police officer. The officer must have probable cause to arrest you, such as an arrest warrant. Once you are taken into custody, you will be informed of your Miranda rights (if you ever watched a cop show, you know what they are). Once in custody, your personal information will be take such as a photograph, fingerprints, and confiscating your belongings. Once the booking process is over, you will be taken to jail.

Next is your first appearance. This is usually done within a day of your arrest (unless it’s a weekend or a holiday). In New Jersey, your first appearance includes your arraignment. You will appear before a judge who will advise you of your rights, the charges against you, and set bail. Bail must be set within 12 hours after the issuance of the complaint. At this time, you will be able to submit a plea

After the first appearance comes pretrial events such as plea bargaining or, if it’s a felony case, an indictment from a grand jury. If no bargain can be reached or if the grand jury found enough evidence against you, then the case will go to trial. A trial must be held within 180 days after the complaint has been issued.

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