What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

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One moment you are shopping in your local grocery store, and the next, you fall and break your arm. The cause? A liquid spill on the floor. While it is sad, it is also true that most people will fall victim to a slip and fall at some point in their lives. A majority of these accidents will result from owner negligence.

Knowing what to do after a slip and fall accident can protect your eligibility to seek compensation for your injury-related losses. If you are involved in a slip and fall, discussing your case with a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney could put you on the right path to receiving damages.

 Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall

Accidents are often painful and disorienting. It is not uncommon to be confused about your next steps. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you remember to take the following steps:

 Seek Medical Treatment

Your health should be your first priority after a slip and fall. Assess yourself for injuries and call 911 if they are severe. If your injuries are minor, finish up at the accident scene, then drive to the nearest healthcare facility. You should never ignore your injuries, even if you do not experience any pain immediately. Some slip and fall injuries are late-appearing.


Report the Accident

Next, find the property owner, manager, or security guard and report the accident. Make sure they document the scene and provide you with a copy of the statement. This will come in handy should you decide to pursue a personal injury claim against the property.

 Document the Accident

Before the scene is cleared, take pictures of the causes of the accident. This could be a liquid spill or loose floorboard. You should also document your injuries and collect the contact information of any willing witnesses at the scene.

 Avoid Making a Statement

When talking to the property owner or manager, avoid discussing the accident or your intentions. Don’t apologize for ‘being distracted’ or ‘wearing the wrong shoes.’ Such statements could be construed as an admittance of fault and could compromise your claim.

 Inform Your Insurer

Most insurers will require that you report any accidents to them, regardless of who was at fault. The rules are the same, avoid saying too much about the accident. Additionally, it is crucial that you don’t record a statement, as it could come back to haunt you. Keep it brief and to the point.

Contact Your Attorney

Finally, contact your attorney to discuss your next legal steps. You can and should share every detail of the accident with them so they can get a clear picture of your case.

Contact a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney

Injury victims who know what to do after a slip and fall accident often receive compensation for their injuries. This is because they are conscious of what evidence to collect, who to call, and which information to share. They also know to seek the help of an experienced North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney.

At The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we are passionate about the rights of accident victims. We constantly employ our time, resources, knowledge, and experience towards helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. Contact us today at 201-829-3829 to discuss your case with an attorney.

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