What to Do After Car Accident Injury

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Car accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries across the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that over two million Americans sustain injuries in traffic accidents annually.

The few moments after an auto accident can come with a lot of confusion and pain, and you may not know what to do after a car accident injury. You should know the ideal response within a few minutes, hours, and days after the accident.

In this article, you will find more details on what you need to do in the event of a car collision. Although the severity and cause of the accident may stop you from taking some of the steps provided below, always try to do as much as you can.

If you have a friend or loved one that has suffered severe injuries in an auto accident, you can also use the information provided here to help them. What you do after a car accident injury can significantly impact your life, so you need to make the right decisions.

1.    Prioritize Your Health and Safety

A few moments after the accident, someone may call 911 to get an emergency response team to the scene. You should focus on doing what can help you guarantee a smooth lawsuit and insurance claim without neglecting your personal needs.

Most of these things go hand in hand, but you should always prioritize your health when they do not. The adrenaline rush that follows a car accident may make it hard to feel pain even if you sustain serious injuries. If possible, safely move your car away from traffic and wait for emergency response teams. Do not leave the scene at all costs. If you end up in a severe road accident:

  •         Wait for paramedics
  •         Get an emergency room diagnosis
  •         Seek further medical attention to determine if you had other injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injuries

2.    Get Information from Other Victims

If you get into a car accident and come out with some injuries, try to get more details from the other parties involved if possible. However, you do not have to strain if you cannot since the police will gather the necessary information once they get to the scene.

Make sure you get the driver’s contact information and insurance details. Also, note the make and model of the car and record the license plate number. If the accident involved other vehicles, collect the same information from each car and the other drivers and adult passengers. If any witnesses stop to help, also get their contact information to offer a recollection of the accident.

3.    Get a Police Report

It will take a couple of days to complete a police report after an accident. Make sure you get a copy of the report once it is available. It allows you to verify the details captured in the police report against any details you may have about the accident. Police reports act as evidence when you file a claim, so you need to ensure that all details are accurate.

4.    File a Claim

You should file an insurance claim once the opportunity presents itself. You cannot count on the other driver to file a claim with the insurance company. They probably have no insurance cover or sustained no injuries from the accident, so they may not see the need to do it. 

You mean not in the service is of an attorney in the case of minor accidents. However, accidents that cause injuries may require you to work with a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney to get the compensation they rightfully deserve. They can help you uncover important facts that can support your case.

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